Sunday, August 19, 2012

CSWIP 3.2 Examination

Examination is 5 Parts (3.2.1) or 8 Parts (3.2.2)
(Each part has a 70% pass mark)
1. Technical Paper (1h 15min)
 v 6 Questions given (4 answers required)
 v Question #1 must be answered
 v Answer 3 other questions from the remaining 5 questions
2. Interpretation of Welding Symbols (1h)
 v Engineering drawing has welding symbols for 12 joints
 v Interpret the symbols & comment on any errors or inconsistencies
3. Fracture Face Examination (1h)
 v Examine fracture faces of 2 specimens & interpret modes of failure
4. NDT Reports (1h)
 v Scrutinise 3 NDT Reports & list all errors and all omissions
5. Oral (~ 10 to 15 min)
 v 1 Question: - subject will be related to supervision of welding inspectors or to safety matters
6. Radiographic Interpretation (1h 30min)
 v 6 dense metal welds - steel
7. Multi-Choice Radiographic Theory Paper (30min)
 v 30 questions
8. Radiographic Density & Sensitivity (1h)
 v Densitometer calibration using a Density Strip
 v Sensitivity calculations for 5 welds

Note: If the candidate for the Senior Welding Inspector Examination does hold a recognised qualification in Radiographic Interpretation (a CSWIP or PCN Certificate) he is not required to sit 3 additional examination parts (6, 7 & 8)


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